Betco Symplicity Color Safe Destainer 20L


SKU: F000478-P5
  • Brightens and Cleans – Minimize Reclaim
  • Concentrated 18% Liquid Formula – Economical, Saves Money
  • Contains No Chlorine – Safe on colors
  • SureConnect – No Contact, No spills, enhances safety and more
  • Minimizes linen tensile strength loss – Promotes longer fabric life
  • 20L pail


Highly concentrated liquid oxygen destainer for removing stains in colors and whites. Environmentally-friendly formula contains no chlorine and breaks down to oxygen and water for safe disposal. Powerful peroxide based destainer deodorizes fabrics and boosts cleaning, removing difficult stains without degrading whites and colorfast fabrics. Regular use of Color Safe Destainer promotes longer fabric life and minimizes color damage as it safely removes stains and ground in dirt keeping whites clean and colors bright.

Comes in a 20L pail.



Material Safety Data Sheet